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Cardale Jones says press conference wasn’t his idea


On Thursday, Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones pulled the ultimate switcheroo by calling a press conference at his Cleveland high school to announce the “life-changing decision” that he will be making no changes to his life.

On Friday, Jones explained that the press conference wasn’t something he wanted.

“It wasn’t my idea, holding a press conference and all eyes on me and me being the center of attention,” Jones told Mike & Mike in the Morning on ESPN Radio. “I’m not that type of guy, period. That wasn’t something I put together, but I thought it wasn’t a big deal.”

The reaction to the press conference possibly has taught Jones more than anything he’ll earn at “The” over the next year. Even if someone else thought it would be a good idea and Jones didn’t, Jones is the guy who catches the flak for it.

But those who nudged Jones to have the press conference (and presumably not to leave school) should catch plenty of flak, too. For Jones, the NFL iron may never be hotter than it is right now, and he can always finish his education later.

Next year at this time, the NFL may no longer be intrigued by Jones. And Jones’ decision may be even easier than it was this time around.

Jones’ status will be one of the hot topics for the three-hour show beginning at 12:00 p.m. ET on NBC Sports Radio. Click the logos or other indicators on this page to listen to PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio; we’ll ask guys like Shaun King and Hall of Famer Warren Moon what they think of the move.