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Chris Cooley on Cowboys: “I don’t think so, but . . . “


Part of the reason Redskins fans have had such emotional reactions to Chris Cooley’s release is that he’s always come across as a completely real person.

There’s no varnish to the guy. There can’t be when you run around practice in short-shorts, or pictures of your privates and a playbook end up on the internet, or you do radio interviews while getting pulled over by a cop for a traffic violation.

He’s still just as honest in his post-Redskins career.

Asked by NBC Washington’s Dan Hellie (via the Washington Post) if he’d ever play for the Cowboys, Cooley’s answer was pure Cooley.

I don’t think so, but people do a lot of things for money,” he said.

Cooley also talked about reminiscing about the old days with owner Dan Snyder after his release, including a story about why Joe Gibbs wanted him on the roster.

“The idea that Joe Gibbs thought I was a Mormon, a good religious kid and that’s why I came here,” Cooley said.

Snyder “laughed and said Joe came into his office six months later and said, ‘He’s not a Mormon at all.’ ”

But he is engaging and bright and transparent, which more athletes should aspire to be.