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Christopher Johnson: We hired Adam Gase to win games, not Twitter

Adam Gase's introductory press conference with the Jets was memorable for all the wrong reasons, but if he's winning in New York, nothing else will matter.

The response from Jets fans online and elsewhere to the news that the team hired Adam Gase as their new head coach wasn’t particularly positive.

That did not go unnoticed by the reporters covering the team and it led to a question for CEO Christopher Johnson about selling the move to the team’s fanbase.

“I have to earn their trust,” Johnson said at Monday’s press conference. “We’ve just had a couple of down years. So, I have to earn their trust. I think that they will see this, if not right now, they’ll see it pretty soon as a great hire. I’m not trying to win Twitter. I’m trying to win football games. I think we’re going to win football games.”

As it happened, the Jets made a pretty good run at winning Twitter on Monday although it probably wasn’t for a reason they would have chosen. Gase’s bulging eyes, facial contortions and other behavior at the press conference became fodder for social media before the Q-and-A was even over and countless memes referencing the presser will likely pop up during Jets games this year.

Johnson had no idea any of that was going on when he made his comments on Monday, but he may be able to get both football wins and Twitter wins as a result of hiring Gase.