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Colts should call the Giants about Nicks


When the Colts lost running back Vick Ballard for the year, they quickly swung a trade for Browns running back Trent Richardson. Now that receiver Reggie Wayne is gone for the year, they should call the team that won a Super Bowl in Lucas Oil Stadium.

The 0-6 Giants have shown no inclination to sign receiver Hakeem Nicks to a long-term deal. With the money it will take to keep Nicks, the investment made in receiver Victor Cruz, the development of receiver Reuben Randle, a proven ability to find pass catchers, and the ongoing presence of a franchise quarterback, the Giants need to consider getting what they can for him.

The question for the Colts is how much they’d be willing to give up by way of draft picks, especially after already giving up next year’s first-round pick for Richardson. The question for the Giants is whether what they’d get via trade sufficiently outweighs what they’d get as a compensatory selection in 2015, if Nicks leaves as a free agent.

For the Colts, there’s no rush; they’ve got a bye in Week Eight. But the trade deadline comes in only eight days.

To date, there have been no real trade talks for Nicks. And it would be a surprise for Nicks to want to leave, unless he believes he’d have a chance to generate better stats with a new team.

Beyond stats, Nicks needs to consider the value of playing in January, when most of the league is home watching. With Indy, he would be. With the Giants, he won’t.

Until further notice, we’ll simply squat on Jim Irsay’s Twitter page, waiting for the news that a “BLOCKBUSTER” deal is coming.