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Commanders’ controversy helps spark law limiting NDAs

Mike Florio and Myles Simmons explain what a tie could mean down the road for the Washington Commanders and New York Giants as the race for a playoff spot begins to heat up.

Whenever Congress investigates a private business, a chorus inevitably emerges.

Doesn’t Congress have better things to do?

Technically, it does. But Congress can multitask. Those who would prefer not to be scrutinized love to push the narrative that Congressional priorities shouldn’t include scrutinizing potential wrongdoing of that otherwise would go unscrutinized.

And those investigations can result in (drum roll) legislation. That’s what has happened as it relates to the Commanders.

Via A.J. Perez of, President Joe Biden has signed into law the Speak Out Act. It affects the manner in which non-disclosure agreements are enforced in cases involving sexual assault and sexual harassment. The debate included references to the Commanders, whose toxic workplace came under the scrutiny of the House Oversight & Reform Committee.

The Committee is expected to produce a report regarding its work before the current Congress concludes its business for the year. In 2023, the Republican Party will take control of the House of Representatives and its various committees, essentially ending the investigation of the Commanders.