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Competition Committee begins to explore the quarterback push play

Sean Payton says he'll make regular use of the ability to shove a runner from behind until the NFL changes the rule. Peter King says it's "dumb" that it's still allowed and would be "shocked" if it doesn't get changed.

Sixteen years after the NFL removed the rule against pushing a runner, some teams finally realized that it could become a strategic aspect of the offense.

Now, as the Competition Committee begins to ponder potential rule changes for 2023, the push play is on the docket.

Per multiple reports, NFL executive V.P. of football operations Troy Vincent said that the Competition Committee already has discussed the play at length, and that the topic will be revisited in March.

The Eagles used it on multiple occasions during Super Bowl LVII. If executed properly, it’s unstoppable.

Before 2006, the rules prohibited pushing and pulling of the runner. Pushing, which happened spontaneously in the open field, was never called.

Now, it’s part of the play design. The NFL has to decide whether it wants to embrace a play that basically amounts to an inverted tug of war.

Broncos coach Sean Payton has said that, if the rule isn’t changed, he’ll embrace it on a regular basis. Other coaches likely will do the same.

Our suggestion? Make it a violation within the tackle box. If someone wants to push the runner from behind in the open field, so be it. They did it for years without a flag being thrown, even when the rules prohibited it.