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Competition committee “definitely split” on QB push play

Mike Florio and Chris Simms analyze why the final NFL rule proposals didn’t include prohibiting pushing the ball carrier and question if it’s sustainable from a player-safety perspective.

There was no proposed rule to vote for at the annual league meeting on the quarterback push play the Eagles made infamous in 2022.

But there has been discussion about it, as competition committee chair Rich McKay detailed during his Tuesday press conference.

“Yes, it’s in the report, we’ve got a position on it,” McKay said. “The committee definitely split on the play and whether the play should be legal or not legal. The history being we took the language out ... and we allowed the push because of officiating. There was this concern by officials down the field in some of these goal-line [situations], people are trying to get that 2 yards in open field, it’s very hard to tell when a guy is coming in to block and when a guy is coming in to push. So we took it out.

“We did not think it would become strategy. And here we are. But nobody made a rules proposal. Nor was there enough support on the committee for us to propose a rules change. So, it will stay in. Certainly looked at all of the injury data, see if there’s something there. And that’s where that play is.”

So, the NFL will continue to monitor the play. And teams like the Eagles and — at least — the Broncos will take advantage of the NFL not shutting it down.