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Cornwell says Roethlisberger “looks forward” to meeting with Goodell

In response to Commissioner Roger Goodell’s comments from earlier in the day regarding the sexual assault allegations made against Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, lawyer David Cornwell has issued the following statement.

“I contacted the League as soon as the recent allegations were made against Ben,” Cornwell said. “We agreed that I would keep the NFL apprised of all developments as they warrant. I believe the Commissioner will allow us to focus on matters in Georgia, but we look forward to meeting with him and addressing any concerns he may have.”

In unrelated news, Roethlisberger eagerly anticipates a root canal, can’t wait for a colonoscopy, and loses sleep anticipating the mechanical removal of his first real kidney stone.

In all (some) seriousness, it’s encouraging that Roethlisberger, through Cornwell, is keeping the league office informed. But the remarks from Goodell were as pointed as they were brief. Big Ben is in big trouble, not just with the powers-that-be in Georgia, but with his employer.

If he hasn’t gotten the message this time, then he never will.