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Could a market for Lamar Jackson emerge after the draft?

Mike Florio and Chris Simms evaluate whether the Ravens reportedly were looking at Baker Mayfield as a starter or backup for Lamar Jackson.

More than two weeks into free agency, no one has shown any interest in pursuing Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, who is subject to the non-exclusive franchise tag. With four weeks to go until the draft, it’s likely that any potentially interested team(s) will wait.

Beyond the Colts, who are currently the only viable option (and it’s not clear how viable they are), there could be teams that are discreetly evaluating quarterbacks in the draft. If one or more of those teams don’t land the quarterback they covet, the Plan B could be a run at Lamar Jackson.

Any team that is thinking about drafting a quarterback and that doesn’t want its interest to be known prematurely would be wise to shy away from being tied to Jackson, in any way. If that team shows interest in Jackson, it would be flagged as a team eyeballing a quarterback -- which could get that team leapfrogged in round one.

One of the teams that could be secretly looking at quarterbacks is the Ravens. Five years ago, no one knew they were thinking about drafting Lamar Jackson until they did. Sitting at No. 22, maybe they’re thinking about picking Lamar’s replacement. And if they get a quarterback in round one, they could suddenly become motivated to trade Jackson.

At this point, it makes no sense for any team to be candid about their plans. For teams that may be secretly thinking about drafting a quarterback, it makes no sense to consider trying to acquire Jackson until after the draft comes and goes and they don’t get the guy they want.

So, basically, don’t expect much to happen over the next four weeks.