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Did Steelers conceal Le’Veon Bell injury?

Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell says he's been dealing with a groin injury, but there was not any mention of the injury on Pittsburgh's injury report the last few weeks.

Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell exited Sunday’s game with a groin injury. He admitted after the game that the he had been playing through a groin issue for weeks.

If he had a “groin issue,” it hadn’t been disclosed in the team’s postseason injury reports. Prior to the Patriots game, Bell didn’t practice on Wednesday and Thursday for reasons unrelated to injury. Prior to the Chiefs game, Bell didn’t practice on Wednesday for reasons unrelated to injury. Prior to the Dolphins game, Bell wasn’t listed on the injury report at all.

If there was a violation, it’s not nearly as clear as last week’s admission from Seahawks coach Pete Carroll that a knee injury to cornerback Richard Sherman had been concealed. If the league investigates, the question will be whether Bell received treatment on the groin. If he did, he should have been listed on the injury report.

The Steelers hardly would be the first team to violate the rules regarding the disclosure of injuries. Violating the rules and getting caught are two different propositions, however. By pointing out that he’d been dealing with a groin issue for weeks, Bell has invited scrutiny of the team’s injury-reporting practices.