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Ditka would take a chance on Tebow


No current NFL coach has shown an inclination to take a chance on free-agent quarterback Tim Tebow.

But one former coach would roll the dice on one of the most polarizing players of the past generation.

“I think [Tebow] can play quarterback in the NFL, but whatever offense you run might have to be tweaked a bit,” Ditka said in his “4 Downs With Ditka” column in the Chicago Sun-Times. “This kid is a talent and he proved it in college. He is an outstanding leader. Now, does he have an unusual throwing motion? Yes. But there a lot of quarterbacks that didn’t have a perfect throwing motion. Some of them turned out to be great quarterbacks because they were great leaders. I really do think there’s a place for him. If not at quarterback, I think he could play tight end. If I was in the league and coaching today, I would take a chance on him at quarterback.”

Tebow’s throwing motion has attracted plenty of attention over the years, which has taken some of the focus away from his lack of accuracy. There’s only so much he can do at this point to improve either; regardless, no team currently believes he’s good enough to continue those efforts under the tutelage of its coaching staff.

Still, it would be fun to see Ditka chew on Tebow. Tebow would react to the ranting and raving with a smile, and that would like drive Ditka into even more of a frenzy.