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Dolphins get more ammo to challenge Will Weatherford


The Speaker of the House in Florida has become an unlikely character in the ultimate reality show.

But after Will Weatherford allegedly (per the Dolphins) reneged on multiple promises to bring to the House floor a measure that would have authorized a public vote on renovations to Sun Life Stadium, Weatherford became a central figure in the ongoing effort to upgrade a venue that has fallen out of the Super Bowl rotation.

Owner Stephen Ross has since formed a Political Action Committee that will, among other things, target those who opposed the legislation. And Ross surely was happy to see a recent article in the Tampa Bay Times that raises questions regarding Weatherford’s income.

I’ll defer to Michael Van Sickle of the Times for the details, but perhaps the most significant fact was that Weatherford would answer only written questions about his non-government income.

Think about that one for a second. How many people would be concerned about answering questions about what they actually do for a living extemporaneously and without knowing what the questions were in advance?

Weatherford’s uncle is an investor in one of the companies that pays Weatherford. Beyond saying that his nephew doesn’t have a “supervisor,” Weatherford’s uncle quickly became uncomfortable answering questions about what Weatherford actually does.

It’s apparently not uncommon for Florida House speakers to have side income that doesn’t trace via bright line to an actual, you know, job. But it’s the first time the Florida House speaker has been drawn into a fight with a billionaire who owns an NFL team -- and who is upset specifically with said House speaker.

It’s unlikely the issue will derail Weatherford’s career. If it does, he looks suited for telemarketing.