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Dolphins plan impossible halftime contest


The Dolphins don’t do much right. One thing they’re doing right is encouraging melanoma screenings.

Inspired by the fact that the disease claimed the life of CFO Mark Brockelman’s wife, Jan, in 2010, the Dolphins will have a screening before Sunday’s game against the Raiders. The first 100 to be checked will receive a pair of free tickets to the October 14 game against the Rams.

But here’s where it gets a little weird. Of those who showed up in June for a melanoma screening, three of them will try to win $10,000 by attempting a field goal at halftime of Sunday’s game.

A 60-yard field goal.

Sixty yards.


Why even bother? Plenty of NFL kickers would miss a one-time try from that far out, even without a defense trying to block it. How many folks from the average population will even come close?

Hinging the prize on a 60-yard field goal means that they don’t want to give away the prize. And watching a trio of attempts that won’t even make it to the end zone (or possibly to the red zone) will do nothing to add to the in-stadium experience for those who choose to show up for the game.

UPDATE 3:59 p.m. ET: In response to criticism, the Dolphins wisely have moved the attempt 20 yards closer.