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Don’t rule out Redskins in Vick sweepstakes

For now, it’s clear that multiple as-yet-unknown teams are pursuing quarterback Mike Vick.

It’s also clear that one of the teams that has pursued multiple quarterbacks this offseason is the Redskins.

And we’re beginning to pick up some subtle indications from a couple of sources with connections to the team that the Redskins should not be ruled out as potential suitors for Mr. Vick.

The thinking is that, if he were to land in D.C., Vick would not supplant current starter Jason Campbell, but that he instead would work in a Wildcat-type role for 2009, with an opportunity next year to succeed Campbell, whose contract expires after the season.

If the Redskins truly are interested, it could create an awkward situation for agent Joel Segal, who represents both players.

Then again, Segal might be able to persuade Campbell that, if Vick makes the team better in 2009, Campbell will be more attractive on the open market in 2010, if the Redskins choose not to keep him.

For now, we’re not reporting that anything will happen between Vick and the Redskins. But as other teams begin lining up for a crack at Vick, who’s living not that far from where the Redskins play their home games, how can the ‘Skins not at least do a little due diligence?

With a far less noxious degree of stink emanating from Vick given the incredibly fair manner in which the league office has treated him, selling Vick to the local fans suddenly has become a far easier task. And given that the Redskins are nearly 18 years removed from their last Super Bowl win, we’ve got a feeling that anything that pushes the franchise toward the top of the NFC will be viewed as a positive development.

Bottom line? The Redskins signed Albert Haynesworth, who is hardly a choir boy. If they can justify giving him $41 million guaranteed, they can easily justify giving Vick a one-year deal.

To be clear, we’re not reporting that the Redskins will sign Vick. But we’ve heard enough from a couple of trusted sources to believe that something could indeed happen.

And if it happens, it’ll be happening fairly soon.