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Eagles, Cowboys players authorize union decertification

Despite a report from suggesting that Eagles players may vote against giving the NFLPA advance authorization to decertify as a union, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that players from both the Eagles and the Cowboys have agreed to the approach.

The move could eventually be used to foil a lockout of the players.

The Redskins are expected to vote on the matter on Friday, Mort reports. The Saints already have unanimously approved the measure.

Frankly, the question of whether the players will give NFLPA leadership the ability to utilize decertification if they deem decertification to be in the players’ best interests would be newsworthy only if the players had decided to say “no.” Such a move arguably would represent a vote of no confidence in the leadership’s ability to make a prudent decision regarding whether a somewhat nuclear option should be used.

For now, the union has no plans to decertify. “It’s important that everyone understands that we will be committed to
collective bargaining,” Attalah told ESPN. “Negotiations
remain the best path to a fair and long-term deal.”

We agree. So can someone explain to us why the two sides seem to be doing everything but, you know, negotiating?