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The guy who arguably gained the most via the presence of a young quarterback thrust into action against a stellar defense thinks that the veteran quarterback who was benched in favor of the newbie never should have left the game. Ravens safety Ed Reed, who returned a Kevin Kolb interception through a maze of Eagles for a league-record 108-yard touchdown, said on Monday’s The Monty Show on Sporting News Radio that Reed believes Philly should have stayed with Donovan McNabb. “After the game I asked him because I couldn’t believe it,” Reed said. “You know I was like, ‘Are you hurt?’ And he was like, ‘No.’ So for them to take a quarterback of his caliber and what he’s done for that organization . . . you know that’s a hell of a move. “That’s like taking Tom Brady out without having knee surgery. He’s been to the Super Bowl, he’s been to NFC championships. You can’t put one particular game on one particular player, I mean even if he’s in a drought it’s tough to say, but he’s throwing the ball 50, almost 60 times a game. You’re asking him to produce, now come on, you’ve got to have a running game in this league, you have to have some sort of running game to help your passing game and vice versa. So you know he might be going through a little slump, but that’s no reason, after all the years he’s put in to just give up on a guy.” Of course, the Eagles aren’t permanently giving up on McNabb, yet. But for reasons that still aren’t obvious, coach Andy Reid made Donovan the scapegoat for a bad offensive performance in the first half that was, in hindsight, a lot better than the team’s output in the third and fourth quarters under Kolb.