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Egg-gate sprouts legs


paul blundell +44(0)1727843084

In an apparent effort to exonerate airport workers who may or may not have egged the Saints’ buses at the Atlanta airport on Wednesday night, a spokesman for the Aircraft Service International Group claimed on Thursday that the “eggs were thrown by people other than airport employees.”

The spokesman from the company that provides various plane-related services at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport contends that the egging occurred as the buses were leaving the airport, rolling past a parking area.

But that’s not how we hear it. The eggs, we’re told, hit the buses before they began to move, while parked immediately in the vicinity of the plane that had brought the Saints from New Orleans.

Whether thrown by the employees who removed the bags from the plane or by one or more food-service employees who had entered the tarmac, it’s our understanding that the eggs weren’t thrown by fans were able to get close to the path of the buses.

Does it matter? As it relates to the ongoing employment of the folks who threw the eggs, if they were thrown by airport workers, it definitely does.