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ESPN says it didn’t tell coaches to take time outs

Earlier today, Rosenthal posted an item regarding comments from Jeff Fisher suggesting that ESPN wanted the coaches in Monday night’s game to burn late time outs, so that ESPN could run some more commercials.

Fisher offered the explanation in response to questions regarding his decision to run the ball -- and score a touchdown -- late in the 30-3 win.

Sports By Brooks reports that ESPN has denied that it asked the teams to use time outs, and it’s my own personal opinion after watching the video of Fisher’s remarks (with all due respect to Rosenthal) that Fisher was indeed joking.

It wasn’t a particularly funny joke and thus it wasn’t particularly clear that he was joking, but there’s a little something going on beneath Fisher’s mustache during his explanation that suggests to me he wasn’t serious.

That said, it wasn’t wise or prudent for Fisher to put his tongue in his cheek on such a potentially touchy subject.