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Ex-girlfriend: Prince Shembo was jealous of dog he kicked and killed

Former Falcons linebacker Prince Shembo has more problems now, other than the unemployment stemming from felony animal cruelty charges after he allegedly kicked his then-girlfriend’s dog to death.

According to Kevin Rowson of WXIA, Shembo’s now-ex-girlfriend Denicia Williams is suing him for killing her pet Yorkshire terrier Dior.

This is really a matter of principle,” attorney William Cromwell said. “We’ve sued for attorney’s fees, punitive damages and we talked about the money going to a foundation.”

While Shembo’s attorney suggested the 254-pound linebacker was reacting to being bitten by the small dog, Williams said she thought Shembo planned to hurt it when she left.

“He said you were spending too much time with him and I felt second to him,” Williams said. “If he did bite him, why didn’t he tell me that when he confessed?

“Why didn’t he say, ‘Dior bit me and I reflexed by kicking him, and I’m sorry?’”

Shembo’s lawyer came back with a response that perhaps he should have re-thought, or at least proofread.

“He was not jealous of any dog,” attorney Jerry Froelich said in a statement. “What caused the dog’s injuries was that the dog bit him.”

Williams said Shembo admitted to her to kicking Dior more than once. A necropsy performed at an animal hospital said the cause of death was blunt force trauma. Shembo passed through waivers unclaimed yesterday, and is a free agent.