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Favre says he played “a lot” with concussions

As he continues to rack up every available ironman record in pro football, Vikings quarterback Brett Favre admitted in an interview with NBC’s Cris Collinsworth that he kept the string alive by relying in part on a rock-hard head.

So how many times did he play in a game with a concussion that today would have resulted in Favre sitting out?

“A lot,” Favre said.

But it was almost as if Favre, who’s firmly in the twilight of his career, tried to jam the subject into the discussion.

The subject arose as Favre was talking about his recent conversation with former Vikings defensive end Jim Marshall, with whom Favre shares (until 8:30 p.m. ET tonight) the record for consecutive regular-season games played, at a mind-boggling 282.

In explaining that the lineman’s feat is more impressive because linemen hit on every play, Favre said to Marshall, “You played in an era where [the attitude was], ‘Concussion? Get back out there. We don’t want to hear it.’”

So Collinsworth took the bait, given the reality that the “era” to which Favre refers didn’t end until, um, last month.

“So did you,” Collinsworth said.

And then came what in our view was a preview of Larry The Cable Guy’s new material.

“People have asked me how many concussion I’ve had,” Favre said, “and I say, ‘I don’t remember.’”

Then came the pause, as Favre waited for Collinsworth to laugh. When instead Brett heard the sultry sounds of cricket wings rubbing together, he smirked and tried to work his way out of it.

“There’s probably no telling,” Favre said.

But Favre later said he thinks the league is going in the right direction, possibly since it means no one will ever catch his ironman records.

He also tried out his pre-planned punch line again, after Collinsworth asked if Brett’s still having fun.

“I’m having fun,” Favre said. “From what I can remember.”

This time it worked. And Favre scored the coup de grace of television interviews; not only did Collinsworth laugh, but a member of the crew did as well.

With that, the interview ended. Just like Seinfeld walking out right after he learned what “the tractor story” was.

It’s fitting, given that Brett spends most of his spare time . . . riding a tractor.

All right. That’s it for me. You’ve been great. See you at the Live Chat at Sunday Night Football Extra.