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Federal budget issues could end flyovers


The latest convoluted governmental crisis comes from the concept of “sequestration.” (When did we all sign up for the Convoluted Governmental Crisis of the Month Club?)

For lawyers, it means making a jury reside in a hotel until the trial is over. In this context, well, I don’t know what the hell it means.

According to Gary Mihoces of USA Today, one thing it means is that flyovers at sporting events will end. And the plug would be pulled at least through September 30, if not longer.

If any portion of the defense department budget is going to be slashed, the act of flying planes over a crowded stadium would be the one to get rid of. It’s not something that makes our actual or potential enemies soil their shorts, and as a recruiting tool its value is questionable.

Really, any kids who would be attracted to the military because they think it’s cool that planes skim the top of a stadium in tight formation may not be the best candidates to carry loaded M-16s.

While it’s a neat effect, it’s a waste of tax dollars. And there’s a risk -- regardless of how small -- that those planes will touch wings and one of them will land in the south end zone seats. Not doing flyovers reduces the risk of a major catastrophe to zero.

If this sequestration thing gets rid of similar useless spending, maybe it’s not a bad thing, after all.