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One of the facts that came out in the appeal hearings for the various players who tested positive for Bumetanide after taking StarCaps is that the NFL learned of the possible link between StarCaps and Bumetanide after a player who tested positive for the banned diuretic in 2006 said he had taken the supposedly all-natural StarCaps. Per a league source, there is growing suspicion -- and apparently proof to support it -- that the player who helped the league learn about the connection between the two compounds was not subjected to the specific discipline that the plain language of the policy would have required. So despite the current claims by the NFL of “strict liability,” there very well might be compelling evidence that, for reasons neither known nor apparent, the first guy to fall into the StarCaps trap caught a break of some type. The difference is that, in 2006, the league didn’t know that StarCaps secretly contains Bumetanide. So there would have been no reason for the player to have received any type of lenience, especially with the league trumpeting the supposedly automatic punishment that flows from having any banned substance in a player’s body.