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For Tom Brady, “It’s win or go home” for the 48th time

Mike Florio and Chris Simms break down a "confusing" matchup between the Cowboys and Buccaneers and explain why Dallas' weak run defense could be exploited by the Bucs offense.

The Buccaneers host the Cowboys later tonight. Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady knows the stakes better than anyone, given that it’s the 48th time he’s played in a postseason game.

“Just excited to go play,” Brady said on the latest episode of his Let’s Go podcast on SiriusXM, which Brady recorded earlier today. “We put a lot into this season. We’ve had our fair share of ups and downs but we had a really great week of practice. We’re pretty healthy and I’m excited to see how we show up and play tonight against a really good football team. I certainly like our chances out there against anybody when we’re healthy and we play well. And now you just gotta go do it because, you know, you watched these games this past weekend, some teams played really well, like the Niners and they just dominated. Other teams didn’t play well and lost. Buffalo didn’t play that well and they figured out how to win. So anything can happen out there in playoff football and it’s truly a one game season. It’s win or go home.”

Indeed it is. And Brady obviously hopes to win this one and then three more, capping it all with another championship.

“I hope so,” Brady said. “It’s going to take a lot for us this year and we’ve got a tough one against the Cowboys who are gonna make it tough on us this game. So they’re all tough at this point. There’s very little margin of error and there’s a lot of crazy moments in NFL football that have taken place in the playoffs. I’ve been a part of a lot of those crazy games. We saw some already this weekend, you know, the play [in the Cincinnati-Baltimore game] where they’re going in to score and [Tyler Huntley] dives over the top, next thing you know it’s a 98-yard touchdown for the Bengals. So it’s improbable plays, it’s incredible comebacks, it’s everything you could want in sports and live sports, which is why everyone loves tuning in and watching incredible athletes perform at the highest level.”

Indeed we do. It’s been a great opening slate of playoffs, and for the second straight year it will be capped with a Monday night game. Last year’s Cardinals-Rams game to cap the three-day wild-card weekend wasn’t very entertaining. Here’s hoping that tonight’s will be a lot more compelling.