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Frank Gore will play as long as he can keep up with the youngsters

Frank Gore is the NFL's active rushing leader and said that as long as he stays healthy, he'll continue to play.

Colts running back Frank Gore currently sits at No. 8 on the NFL’s career rushing list. With only 620 yards in 2017, he’ll crack the top five. He may not stop there.

“I’m still having fun,” Gore told reporters on Tuesday regarding his plans for continuing. “Still enjoying it, being around the guys. Still love the game. I take it one year at a time. I’m having fun now and training camp, I’ll be ready.”

So when will he know it’s time to go?

“When I start back training,” Gore said. “If I can’t train like I’ve been training before or if I can’t keep up with the guys I train with, younger backs, that’s when I kind of say I won’t be ready. But I’m still looking good. Still keeping up with these young guys back in Miami. I should be all right. I’m going to be all right this year.”

When asked to identify his goals, Gore says nothing about individual achievements, despite the major milestones before him.

“I feel as long as I’m healthy and my guys up front and I get the opportunities, I’m going to be successful,” Gore said. “I think the more I’m successful, the more this team will be successful. I don’t really think about yards and that anymore, but like I said, as long as I’m playing healthy, that’ll come. But right now I want to get back to before I got here. Get back to how the team was competing to get to the championship.”

Gore, who turns 34 on Sunday, came close to a title in 2012 with the 49ers. However it plays out for him, Gore eventually will be standing next to a bronze likeness of himself one state to the east from where he currently plays.