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From his honeymoon, Tony Buzbee takes a swipe at Deshaun Watson

Lawyer Tony Buzbee hasn’t said much lately about the 22 cases he’s handling against Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson. On Monday, Buzbee took a swipe at Watson while on a honeymoon.

“I’m not a big spa guy, and I abhor someone I don’t know touching me; but I had been at the beach, and had some time to kill while Frances had her spa time,” Buzbee posted. “So, at her urging, I had what they call the ‘grounding’ massage here at Amanzoe, for 90 minutes. It was actually nice and relaxing -- I fell asleep. But note, it was professional; I made no weird demands, I didn’t grind around on the table, I never fully disrobed, and I never acted like an entitled, horny, teenage boy. I’m also quite sure Tina, the massage professional, didn’t feel threatened, degraded, or uncomfortable in any way. Massage therapy is a legit profession made up of trained professionals trying to earn an honest living. That’s how it should be.”

Buzbee, who barely stopped talking about the cases when they were first filed in March, hasn’t said much in recent weeks. This gratuitous slap at Watson suggests that a settlement between now and the start of camp isn’t likely. The question then becomes whether the league will let Watson know before it’s time to report for camp whether he’ll be placed on paid leave.

If he’s not going to be placed on paid leave and if the Texans and other teams know it, a trade before the start of the season becomes a very real possibility.