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Giants let Eugene Monroe know his weed advocacy is cool with them

Mike Florio says the Baltimore Ravens are cutting ties with left tackle Eugene Monroe because they have reached the tipping point. He claims that Monroe's advocacy for medical marijuana is not the deciding factor.

The Ravens are now referring to Eugene Monroe’s release as strictly a football decision.

But one of the teams which would like to hire the former Ravens left tackle is making it clear they have no problem with his advocacy for medical marijuana.

Giants rookie coach Ben McAdoo said he’s all for players expressing their own beliefs, even if they happen to be controversial.

I think everyone’s entitled to their own opinion,” McAdoo said, via Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News. “Myself, I haven’t done any research. I don’t have a great answer for you there. That’s probably more of a political question, something that I’m not necessarily willing to jump into at this point — or ever. But every player, every coach, every person has their own opinion and is entitled to it.”

The Giants are interested in bringing Monroe in, as they’ve been looking for help at right tackle all offseason. But the latest report suggests that Monroe might take his time to find a new team, preferring to stay on the left.

Giants running back Rashad Jennings — who played with Monroe in Jacksonville — echoed those sentiments, and said he thought Monroe would be a great teammate.

“We’re humans. Everybody has an opinion,” Jennings said. “Every single person up here with a mic has an opinion on anything that I’m saying, so it could be held against me. But that’s why you speak what’s true and authentic to you. And if he feels that he needed to say that at this time in his life and he felt it was going to garnish a type of response and changes, then go for it, man.

“It shouldn’t affect his game play, how he carries himself. [He’s a] great dude, stays out of trouble, clean guy, works really hard. So I hope no G.M .or organization will hold that against him for speaking his opinion.”

While it seemed that one had — at least until it didn’t — the Giants don’t seem to have a problem with it.