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Gilbert platform advocates blowing up CBA, 18 games


Next March, NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith will face re-election for the second time since getting this job. This time around, Smith may be facing an opponent.

Former NFL defensive lineman Sean Gilbert has announced his intention to run for the job. Later this morning, Gilbert will conduct a media conference call discussing his candidacy, along with his platform.

PFT has obtained a copy of Gilbert’s platform, which consists of 23 total points.

The first -- and arguably most notable -- point reiterates Gilbert’s desire to pursue termination of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement, via the anti-collusion provisions of the labor deal.

The goal, as we understand it, won’t be to strike, but to get the NFL back to the bargaining table with the goal of improving the current contract. Of course, if there’s no labor deal there will be a chance the league will lock out the players, again. But if there’s a work stoppage, it won’t happen due to a strike.

Gilbert also advocates a $1 million minimum player salary, a reduction in dues from $15,000 to $10,000, three-year rookie deals, free agency after three years, permissible renegotiation after only one year (with Russell Wilson specifically mentioned as an example), a one-time career limitation on the use of the franchise tag, elimination of the transition tag, removal of two preseason games, elimination of compensatory draft picks, increase of roster size from 53 to 57 (with an 11-player practice squad), increase in the practice-squad salary to $20,000 per week, elimination of “contract splits,” elimination of certain exclusions from “all revenue,” such as Cowboys merchandising and Jets/Giants PSL fees, and restriction of the Commissioner’s judge-jury-executioner power.

Gilbert also extends a major carrot to the league, proposing an 18-game regular season and a shifting of the Super Bowl to President’s Day Weekend.

While the election won’t happen until March, the election will be largely won or lost in the coming weeks. Since the team-by-team player representatives ultimately vote on the executive director, the ability of Smith, Gilbert, or any other candidate to successfully place 17 of their supporters in those positions for 2014-15 will eventually deliver the election.