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Goodell “very excited” about results of new extra point rule

Josh Brown, Brad Wing


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says the new extra point rule has been good for the game, making extra point kicks less of a sure thing and more of a competitive football play.

“Our PAT rule, which we’re very excited about, it’s had a very positive impact,” Goodell said. “It’s exactly what the competition committee focused on.”

Goodell said that extra points are harder and more teams are successfully going for two, and he likes to see that.

“It’s about 94 percent success rate. We’re also seeing that the two-point conversion has gone up to about 53 percent,” Goodell said. “Both of those are very positive trends.”

The extra point change hasn’t significantly changed strategies: Teams still usually kick the extra point as the default option, and only go for two when the score calls for it. But extra points are no longer automatic, and Goodell likes that.