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So what were the consequences of referee Scott Green’s bungling of the final play of the Chargers-Steelers game, which ended in an 11-10 win for Pittsburgh? As gambling goes, it resulted in a $64 million swing, according to R.J. Bell of Bell estimates that $100 million was wagered on the game, with two thirds of that amount being placed on the Steelers to cover. And that doesn’t taken into account the thousands of fantasy leagues in which players owning the Steelers’ defense lost an fumble recovery and touchdown. Meanwhile, NFL V.P. of officiating Mike Pereira told Dan Patrick this morning that Green had indeed gotten the call wrong, and that one of the reasons for the blunder was the inability of the referee to return to the replay booth a second time on a given play. Green, working from an obviously faulty memory, killed the play because he thought that the second lateral, which struck the ground, was the illegal forward pass. The only problem? It wasn’t. The prior lateral was an illegal forward pass, but since it was caught the play shouldn’t have been declared dead at that point. Pereira said he thinks that the rule regarding a second trip to the replay booth should change. (Pereira also addressed the issue of background checks for game officials, but we want to wait to hear the full segment live via Dan Patrick’s free on-demand feature before characterizing precisely what Pereira did and didn’t say.)