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Gronk says the Pro Bowl needs to change

Rob Gronkowski


Add Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski to the list of people who think the Pro Bowl needs to change.

Gronk, who was chosen but declined to attend, said on NFL Network that it’s asking too much of players who played in the conference championship games to turn around and head to Hawaii.

“I mean, that game might need to be changed,” Gronkowski said, via ESPN. “You can’t go the whole season, AFC Championship Game, giving it all you’ve got and thinking you’re going to hop on a flight to fly 12 hours to Hawaii that next Tuesday, when I still can’t even walk because I took like 20 hits that game. I was not hopping on that plane and just be more tight, more sore when I got off, and just be miserable the whole ride. If it was changed . . . I totally understand if you don’t go to the playoffs, you got a few weeks off, the Pro Bowl is awesome. But it’s hard to go from that game, giving it all you got in the playoffs, to go right to the Pro Bowl. You got to have your body rest, man.”

With the Pro Bowl schedule as it is, the players in the Super Bowl can’t play and the players who lose the conference championship games don’t want to play, which means the Pro Bowl is played without players on the four best teams in the league. That’s one of the many reasons the Pro Bowl has become a bad game.