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Gronkowki’s effort to close the door on unretirement talk won’t work

Rob Gronkowski continued to put down any talks of coming out of retirement, but Mike Florio and Chris Simms wonder if the former Patriots tight end is truly prepared for life after football.

Saturday’s video including a jovial-as-usual Rob Gronkowski laughing his way through an effort to put to rest talk of an in-season unretirement may have made a headline, but it won’t make anyone think that a comeback is truly off the table.

Beyond the fact that Gronk at this point wouldn’t say he’s potentially returning even if he knew that he wanted to is the reality that Gronk has yet to realize there’s a chance he’s going to want to come back.

For now, Gronk is being Gronk. Unless and until he has clear, firm commitments from September through January, there’s a chance that Gronk, while being Gronk, will realize that he misses football, and that he’d like to play football again. That won’t happen at least until training camp opens, and probably not until after the regular season begins.

It may not happen until the leaves change and begin their inevitable accumulation on lawns. Or until Gronk can walk outside, breathe, and see it.

If that point he gets the itch again, it will be as easy as making a phone call or two and hoping that he’d be welcomed back by the only NFL team for which he has played. Also at that point, no one will care that he said on the first weekend in June that he won’t be playing football again.