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Haynesworth’s lawsuits keep piling up

Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth has found himself on the wrong side of more than a few lawsuits. Most recently, a bank sued him for failing to make payments on a $2.38 million loan he took out in June 2009 -- only three months after signing a deal with a practical value of four years, $48 million. He also faces a lawsuit from a man seriously injured in an accident allegedly caused by Haynesworth, who allegedly was driving too fast. He’s also battling with his ex-wife over health insurance and child support.

Then there’s the $100 million paternity suit filed by an exotic dancer in New York.

A reader has tipped us off to another lawsuit involving Haynesworth. It possibly arises out of a group known as Crestview Townhomes, LLC. A pending lawsuit that had a court hearing on Wednesday includes Haynesworth and Bryan Puckett, two members of the Crestview Townhomes organization, and CP Construction, LLC. The plaintiff in the case is a company known as Dale and Associates, a Nashville engineering firm.

There’s another lawsuit filed only against Haynesworth by Dale and Associates, which also went to court on Wednesday.

We’ve yet to track down any details regarding these cases. But we’ve got a feeling that the claims generally arise from Haynesworth and/or the other defendants owing money, and not paying the money.