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As Chiefs coach Herm Edwards continues to slowly twist in the wind, we’re hearing stronger indications that he won’t be twisting much longer. Though it’s hardly a surprise, the signs currently are pointing at Edwards being fired with one year left on his contract. Then the question becomes identifying the next head coach. And, inexplicably, a name gaining traction via rumors and reports that have been sent to us by readers is former Broncos coach Mike Shanahan. On the surface, Shanahan and G.M. Scott Pioli don’t really fit, assuming that Shanahan aspires to run the show in the same way he ran it in Denver. But there’s always a chance that Shanahan has reflected on his ultimate failure in Denver, and that he has realized that his errors in personnel, both with free agency and the draft, placed far more pressure on him as a coach. And maybe he has decided that he’d rather let an established personnel exec call the shots and just focus on coaching the team. Then again, maybe Shanahan simply will say whatever he has to say and do whatever he has to do to get his foot in the door, and then he’ll worry about trying to take the place over. Regardless, we expect something to start happening soon in Kansas City.