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Hue Jackson hasn’t decided whether Brock Osweiler will be No. 2

When practicing in training camp, NFL quarterbacks must be hyper aware in order to avoid injuries.

It came down to DeShone Kizer vs. Brock Osweiler for the job of starting quarterback in Cleveland. While Kizer undoubtedly would have been the No. 2 quarterback if Osweiler had been named No. 1, Osweiler may not be so lucky.

Asked whether Osweiler will be the primary backup on the depth chart in Cleveland for the start of the regular season, coach Hue Jackson told reporters on Monday, “I have not decided that yet.”

This suggests that Osweiler could be destined to be gone, whether by release or by trade. Jackson was asked about trade rumors involving Osweiler.

“Honestly, I haven’t heard any of those rumors,” Jackson said. “I don’t have time to look at papers or follow rumors, and no one has brought that to me. I don’t know anything about that.”

Whether Jackson has heard the rumors or not, a trade of Osweiler has always been a possibility. The fact that he’s getting $16 million to not be the starter makes it only more likely.

The question is whether they can find a team that would eat all or part (part) of Osweiler’s salary, and whether the rest of the compensation package would entail a low-round pick given to the Browns or, possibly, a low-round pick given up the Browns. Cleveland bought a second-round pick from the Texans for $16 million in cash and cap obligations; would the Browns offer a low-round pick to unload, say, $6 million of Osweiler’s salary?

With the start of the season coming, a deal seems unlikely. But given that a quarterback injury can happen at any time during practice, a sudden market could emerge for Osweiler at any time.