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If Chargers do a deal with the Rams by January 15, they’ll likely move immediately


The Chargers plans beyond 2016 will remain unclear until the season ends. Here’s one thing that is clear: With no answer coming prior to the January 1 finale, fans who show up for the last game of the season won’t know whether it’s the last game to ever be played in San Diego.

If the Chargers strike a deal to share space in Inglewood with the Rams when the new stadium opens in 2019, the Chargers likely won’t move then. They’ll likely move now.

To succeed in the L.A. market, the Chargers will need to get there quickly, especially since they’ll necessarily be competing with their partners for dollars, eyeballs, and loyalty. Underscoring this reality is that, as of January 15, the Rams will be permitted to sell premium products at Kroenkeworld. If the Chargers wait to enter the market, they’ll be giving the Rams a head start in the race for big-ticket customers.

So if they strike a deal to move to L.A. by January 15, look for the Chargers to move immediately. And look for another 10 games in 2017 and another 10 games in 2018 to be played on a field that already is looking more than a little worn after having USC and Rams games played there.