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Introducing “Football Cops”

We get plenty of unsolicited e-mail. Not just from folks who need a bank account into which $20 million can be parked, but also from people who have something about which they want us to give free publicity. Unless we see something that we think benefits our audience, our response (if/when we even respond) is simple: “Buy an ad.”

Here’s one that we think benefits our audience.

The fine folks at DirecTV, who unlike the NFL won’t make customers pay in advance for something they may not get (even though the fine folks at DirecTV may have to pay $1 billion for nothing in 2011), have produced a video entitled “Football Cops.” We clicked on the YouTube link with some skepticism, but we ultimately thought it was funny, and so we thought you may think it’s funny, too.

If nothing else, we appreciate the efforts of the folks at DirecTV to give us something to occupy our attention as the lockout lingers.