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It’s our periodic colonoscopy PSA

Big Cat returns to PFT Live after becoming a father and breaks down all the latest NFL news with Mike Florio.

On Friday morning, we completed the latest season of PFT Live, and we’ll now embark on a four-week hiatus pending the launch of training camps. My reward for reaching the finish line? A trip to the doctor for a colonoscopy.

It’s the fourth one I’ve had, thanks to a mild case of Crohn’s disease that requires enhanced surveillance. And by surveillance I mean the insertion of a long probe into a place where long probes don’t normally go.

After four years of remission, there’s a return of Crohn’s colitis, which will require a double dose of the horse pills that currently I ingest every morning. It’s a safe anti-inflammatory, and I’ve rarely had any actual symptoms in the eight years since the initial diagnosis.

The procedure also discovered a small polyp on the wall of the lower intestine. Only 3 millimeters in size, it’s most likely benign but of course I’ll have to wait (im)patiently for the “all clear” (which I recently had to do with that stupid mole on my back).

But here’s the thing about colon polyps: If you don’t get them removed while they’re benign, then can later become something other than benign. Which is why it’s critical that you get your own colonoscopy, whenever your doctor recommends that you have one.

It can save your life. It has saved lives. And it’s well worth the time that it takes me to type this if it become the catalyst that gets only one of you who are reading this to get a colonoscopy.

People are counting on you. Your spouse, your children, your other family members, your friends, your colleagues. Apart from the obvious self-interest in extending your own life (and avoiding a horrible disease), you should do it for those who need you to be around for as long as you possibly can.

And don’t fret the prep. It’s not that bad, as long as you’re near a bathroom (and not somewhere like on a plane traveling home from Vince Young’s Pro Day workout). And it totally cleans everything out down there, which actually is sort of liberating.

It’s also liberating to free yourself from that nagging concern. You know you’re worried about what could be going in there. You know you need to find out. You know you need to call your doctor’s office and begin the process for getting it scheduled.