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It’s the PFT Season Preview mag

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On Saturday, we unveiled the first-ever (and possibly only) PFT Season Preview magazine for our visitors who opt to devote a portion of the time when they’re not getting paid to inspect our always-free online content.

And so now we’ve put the sheet back on and pulled it off again for those of you who only check us out when nestled into the cubicle.

Pre-orders currently can be placed at $7.99, less than the cover price of $9.99. (And, yes, we realize that the difference likely will be made up by shipping costs, but this way it comes to your house and you don’t have to actually go out and look for the thing.)

Also, we’re told by the publisher that the price point will result in higher-quality paper and photos. (The actual written content is a different matter.)

Actually, we think the content is fairly solid. We’ve put a lot of effort into this thing during what otherwise would be the relatively manageable sssslow period of the NFL calendar. We’ve interviewed Commissioner Roger Goodell and Browns coach Eric Mangini, we’ve hammered out a bunch of other PFT-style features, we’ve kicked up a debate regarding whether off-field conduct should be considered when voting on Hall of Famers, and we’ve sought the input of some of our friends at NBC and beat writers and radio hosts throughout the country regarding the prospects of each and every NFL franchise for the coming season.

In all, it’s 128 pages of stuff specifically engineered to have relevance throughout training camp, the preseason, the regular season, and the postseason.

And if you’re inclined not to buy it so that you can stick it to me, the best way to stick it to me would be to buy the thing in droves, since that would force me to go through this entire six-week ordeal again in 2011.

Assuming there’s a season to preview in 2011.