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Jameis Winston makes the latest non-guarantee guarantee

Guarantees in the NFL used to be great for igniting your own team, but lately, guarantees seem to just provide opponents with valuable bulletin-board material.

Thirteen days ago, it was Eagles coach Doug Pederson. Then, it was Browns receiver Jarvis Landry. Now, Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston has said something that inevitably will be characterized as something other than a guarantee.

“I’m feeling like we’re going to get better next week and we will win,” Winston said regarding the looming Week Nine trip to Seattle. “That’s how I’m feeling. I’m feeling like we will win.”

Winston and/or coach Bruce Arians may try to soften that, and the wiggle room already is there. He didn’t say we’ll definitely win, he said he’s feeling like we will win.

Of course, Winston has far bigger issues than whether his words will be characterized as a guarantee. With seven games played and only two wins, he faces a steep uphill climb to convince the Bucs to keep him around for 2020. And if he’s not the starter in Tampa Bay, where will Winston get another chance to be the starter?