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Jason Garrett ripped “soft” Cowboys offense after Week Two loss at Denver

Emotions are driving Dez Bryant to say that he wants to play for the New York Giants, but the Baltimore Ravens also makes sense for the wide receiver.

Broncos G.M. John Elway made waves during the 2017 season for publicly calling his team soft. Early in the year, Elway’s Broncos prompted the coach of another team to privately make the same assessment about his own team.

“The whole thing was soft,” coach Jason Garrett tells his offense after a Week Two loss in Denver, during the opening episode of Amazon’s All or Nothing that focuses on last year’s Dallas Cowboys. “Soft at the point of attack. Soft in the backside. It was soft with the runner. Not strong enough with the ball.”

Garrett, who has an affinity for profanity that could make Rex Ryan (maybe not him) blush, continued the verbal onslaught.

“We’ve established an identity in this league of being the most physical offensive line, the most physical running game,” Garrett said. “It was soft as hell. The foundation of this program is the word fight. I don’t care who we play, when we play, where we play. We’re up 100, we’re down 100. We’re gonna f--king fight. We’re gonna fight, we’re gonna fight, we’re gonna fight, we’re gonna f--ing fight.”

The show doesn’t tiptoe around the fact that running back Ezekiel Elliott quit on a pair of turnovers during the Broncos game. And while the second episode opens with owner/G.M. Jerry Jones making excuses for Elliott based on the stress he’s dealing with due to a looming six-game suspension, running backs coach Gary Brown pulled no punches in a separate coaches meeting.

“He gotta get his sh-t together,” Brown said. “This is f--king embarrassing and it’s a reflection on me. I’ll f--king get him right. I’m sick of this sh-t.”

I’m definitely not sick of All or Nothing. Amazon provided PFT with early access to the eight-episode season, and we’ll be sharing other intriguing nuggets here over the next couple of days.