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Jay Cutler has a defender in Joe Theismann


Few NFL players have ever been as harshly criticized by fellow players as Jay Cutler was during and after the NFC Championship Game. But Cutler can count Joe Theismann among his defenders.

Theismann, the former Redskins quarterback turned TV commentator, has criticized the players who bashed Cutler and said he thinks Cutler showed a lot of guts by trying to return to the game against the Packers after suffering a knee injury.

“I just felt like Jay was treated very, very wrongly by other guys in the game,” Theismann told Fred Mitchell of the Chicago Tribune. “What nobody wants to talk about is that here’s a guy that actually went back out on the field [in the second half] and tried to play.”

Theismann said there will be no lingering effects from the situation, and that Cutler will do well when the 2011 season starts.

“I think he will be fine,” Theismann said. “Once they get back, it will be the second year in Mike [Martz’s] system. He’s going to have a whole lot better understanding of it.”

However, Theismann does agree with those who say the Bears need to give Cutler more weapons.

“What the Bears need is a wide receiver,” Theismann said. “Let me tell you, Jay Cutler is the least of that offense’s problems. You need somebody to throw the football to.”