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Jeff Fisher says he’s not done coaching

Jeff Fisher claims he's not done coaching after the Rams fired him on Monday. Would be teams be interested in hiring him?

Jeff Fisher intends to break that tie with Dan Reeves, after all.

During Thursday night’s Rams-Seahawks game, NBC’s Al Michaels said he spoke to Fisher on Thursday, and Fisher said he’s not done coaching yet.

That’s fine, but the man who shares with Reeves the all-time record for losses with 165 needs to find someone who will hire him. It’s unlikely for 2017 -- although it would indeed be compelling if the Chargers were to: (1) move to L.A.; (2) fire Mike McCoy; and (3) hire Fisher.

Despite the ugliness of the past few weeks, the passage of time will help Fisher. So will the fact that he’s very well connected within the league and the media. People in positions of influence who he counts as friends will sing his praises, and eventually an owner may decide to give Fisher a shot. As it happens with a polarizing player, 31 teams can shout “no"; if only one whispers “yes,” Fisher will have a job.

It may take a year or two or three, but it would be foolish to assume that the NFL’s ultimate survivor won’t eventually find a way to survive, again.