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Jerry Rosburg: Criticism of Russell Wilson is “a bunch of crap”

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Broncos interim head coach Jerry Rosburg is the latest person in Denver to come to the defense of quarterback Russell Wilson, amid criticism that Wilson acts as if he’s better than the rest of the team.

Over the last 24 hours several Broncos players have rushed to Wilson’s defense, and this afternoon Rosburg weighed in, seeming to initially want to call the criticism of Wilson “bullshit” before choosing a slightly less profane word.

“What’s a substitute word? Crap. It’s a bunch of crap,” Rosburg said.

Rosburg said he doesn’t follow social media and wasn’t aware of much of the commentary but was glad to see Wilson’s teammates stand up for him.

“I really appreciate those guys doing that,” Rosburg said. “I don’t live in that world, but people tell me things, and I really appreciate those people who do that because Russell Wilson, I watch him practice out here, I see what he does. I see a Hall of Fame quarterback on the practice field.”

Rosburg said the Broncos can silence the critics by playing well on Sunday against the Chiefs.

“Our job as coaches, as teammates, if we really want to make a statement, we’ll make it on Sunday,” Rosburg said. “We’ll play well and we’ll coach well, and we’ll give him the opportunities that he deserves to show what a great quarterback he is. That’s action. So all the other things that we say, they’ll have no value unless we go out there and play that way.”