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Jimmy Graham vows to lead the league in penalties


The NFL has passed what surely will be known as the Jimmy Graham rule. And Graham plans to break it.


“I guess I’ll have to lead the NFL in penalties next year!” Graham said on Twitter after the NFL passed a rule banning the goal post dunk. Graham’s tweet was accompanied by an image of Graham dunking over an official.

Obviously, the move isn’t banned; Graham can still dunk the ball after scoring. But Graham will be subject to a 15-yard penalty and fines that will increase as the violations mount.

While many have accused the NFL of once again behaving as the “No Fun League,” the fact that Graham knocked a goal post cockeyed with a two-handed dunk last season likely prompted the league to eliminate the exception created when a prohibition on the use of props was passed several years ago.

And so while Graham may be inclined to blame the NFL for taking the fun out of the game, Graham needs to blame only himself for turning a touchdown celebration into a delay in play, which caused the league to turn the maneuver into something that is now frowned upon.