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Joe Banner on PFT Live: Players offered $2 billion over next four years

J. Banner

Florio had Eagles President Joe Banner on PFT Live Wednesday, and they got into some nitty gritty financial talk.

That’s basically all this work stoppage boils down too, right? The players seem satisfied enough with the safety, health, and retirement issues. The rookie wage scale won’t be a problem.

Boil down all the emotion and the two sides are just trying to divide up money fairly.

Banner believes the ownership’s offer was fair. He says the players were offered an extra $2 billion over the next four years in ownership’s final proposal.

“If you looked going forward over the next four years, this would produce somewhere between $19-20 billion in cash and benefits to the players. If you look back at the last four years, that number was a little bit over $17 billion,” Banner said.

The players would surely argue with how Banner arrived at those numbers. You can decide what you think for yourself by watching Banner’s full interview below.

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