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Joe Montana advises Tom Brady to finish his career in New England

As free agency approaches, Tom Brady seems more and more willing to explore options outside of New England.

Joe Montana has no regrets about his final two seasons played in Kansas City, but the Hall of Fame quarterback would advise Tom Brady to finish his career in New England if possible.

“Don’t -- if you don’t have to,” Montana told Michael Silver of NFL Media “It’s a process to go through, and it takes time to get used to the team. I was fortunate because (former 49ers quarterbacks coach) Paul Hackett was there running the offense, and so I was pretty familiar with probably three-quarters of the offense going in. And, if they let [Brady] have his own offense (with a new team), yeah, that makes it a little bit easier. But still, the transition of moving. . . I just can’t see how they would let him leave there, myself.”

Brady is scheduled to become a free agent in March.

Montana had to leave the 49ers to remain a starter in 1993.

He played only one game in his final two seasons in San Francisco -- 1991-92 -- because of elbow problems. Steve Young earned 1992 NFL MVP honors, setting the stage for Montana’s departure.

“It’s not easy to go to another team and get accepted, no matter how much success you’ve had and how many years you’ve played,” Montana told Silver. “They still want to see you come in and be the same player and be that loyal to them as you were to the other team you just left. So, it’s not easy (for) guys looking at that change, especially at the quarterback position.”