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Josh Norman chimes in on Eagles’ White House cancellation

The White House canceled the Philadelphia Eagles' Super Bowl visit after it was reported that only 10 players were going to attend.

On Monday, the President pulled the plug on Philadelphia’s visit to the White House, apparently after realizing that fewer than 10 players would be participating. A player from one of the Eagles’ top rivals responded to the situation by posing a question via the President’s preferred platform for communicating with the masses.

Why is this impeachment taking so damn long?” Washington cornerback Josh Norman said on Twitter.

At a time when the NFL and its teams have chosen to tiptoe around the President, could it be that the pushback will now come more aggressively from the players? Norman isn’t the first NFL player to voice dissent when it comes to the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania, but his invocation of the “I” word at a fairly sensitive time in the ongoing battle between pro football and the President could prompt more and more NFL players to pile on.

And the players may continue, regardless of whether the NFL continues to act like it’s in the middle of a minefield, without realizing that the bombs will keep going off even if the NFL keeps perfectly still.