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Kaepernick returns to Twitter for motivation


After the 49ers lost to the Colts, quarterback Colin Kaepernick resorted to Twitter for a kick in the ass. Specifically, Kaepernick admitted that he “favorited” certain abusive messages as motivation.

“It’s something I do for me,” Kaepernick said in the days after the 27-7 embarrassment. “It helps me.”

Now that the 49ers have lost for the first time since September 22, Kaepernick has returned to Twitter for a boost to his game. Kaepernick “favorites” page shows that he flagged four messages after Sunday’s loss to the Panthers.

“TOO MUCH HYPE,” one Twitter user said.

“I saw Kap becoming this from his Super Bowl performance .... he couldn’t handle that pressure either,” another said.

“Bro, you suck. Shoulda kept Alex smith,” said yet another.

“You are an overrated clown, keep killing your team’s chances dumb ass lol,” said the fourth.

Kaepernick needs any motivation he can get. He’s returning to the place where he beat the Saints last year but later lost the Super Bowl. And the Saints are a lot better than they were last year.

Given that his last effort to harvest negative tweets sparked a five-game winning streak, 49ers fans everywhere should start sending fireballs to @Kaepernick7.