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Keep an eye on Raiders, Packers, Jags as potential Freeman destination


If teams are interested in quarterback Josh Freeman, all (or at least most) leaks have been plugged. For now.

And it makes sense. As we’ve previously explained, teams with a starter on shaky ground invite only trouble if they let it be known they want Freeman, but fail to get him.

Still, a few names have bubbled up as Freeman gets closer to potentially picking a new team. Though more rumor than fact at this point, we’re keeping an eye for now on three teams: Raiders, Packers, and Jaguars.

The Raiders would be a mild surprise. They like Terrelle Pryor, but Pryor has been only good, not great. And Pryor arrived before G.M. Reggie McKenzie, who has whiffed on both Matt Flynn and Tyler Wilson. Bringing in Freeman, who is still only 25, could lay the foundation for the kind of turnaround that McKenzie is trying to engineer.

The Packers would be no surprise. They need a backup to Aaron Rodgers. And the distraction would be nil because it’s not like Rodgers is getting benched. (It also would keep Freeman away from a team like, say, the Vikings.)

The Jaguars previously had gotten out the word that they don’t want Freeman. As we hear it, they may at least be considering it. Of course, Freeman would have to want the Jaguars -- at this particular point in time, why would he?

Others may be interested. Over the next 24, we’ll be paying particular attention to those three.