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Kellen Mond isn’t vaccinated, despite a report that he is

Kellen Mond has a chance to ingratiate himself to the Minnesota coaching staff, a way to ensure he’ll be available for every practice and every game. With starting quarterback Kirk Cousins inexplicably committed to an anti-vaxx approach, Mond could have fueled his eventual climb to the top of the depth chart. But Mond, who otherwise oozes a full and complete commitment to all things football, didn’t get vaccinated.

Despite a report that Mond had tested positive despite being vaccinated, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune now reports that he’s not vaccinated. Mond currently is dealing with the effects of the disease.

“He’s got COVID,” offensive coordinator Klint Kubiak told reporters on Tuesday. “He’s sick.” Kubiak added that it’s a “tough situation” for Mond.

The fact that Mond is’t vaccinated and tested positive, coupled with two other quarterbacks (Kirk Cousins and Nate Stanley) having close contact with Mond and not being vaccinated themselves, caused all three quarterbacks to land on the COVID reserve list. The situation has left coach Mike Zimmer apoplectic.

“I just don’t understand,” Zimmer told reporters on Monday. “I think we could put this thing to bed if we all [get vaccinated]. But it is what it is.”

So how will Zimmer feel if he loses Cousins before a key game?

“Probably won’t be happy we lost the game, first, and I probably won’t be happy we could’ve prevented this,” Zimmer said.

He has every reason to be upset, because there’s no good reason not to get vaccinated. There’s every reason for a professional football player to get vaccinated. Players line up out the door for Toradol shots in order to play on Sundays despite proven long-term health risks, but they won’t get a vaccine that keeps them available and that is far safer than Toradol.

Make no mistake about it. Plenty of players who aren’t vaccinated are going to end up being cut. For those who are untouchable, it may not happen this year. However, the moment their skills slip or the cap numbers outweigh their contributions, they’ll get no benefit of the doubt. They’ll get no favors. Because the opted not to do everything they should have done to advance the collective health of the franchise and to ensure maximum availability for the 2021 season.